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If You’re Under Investigation, Don’t Wait To Call Us

For many people who are charged with a crime, such as securities fraud, a formal charge may not come out of the blue. In many cases, you will be aware that you are being investigated for fraud and named as a person of interest in a case before any charges are issued.

It can often benefit you to speak with an attorney before you are formally charged. At The Law Office of James M. Branden, we work with many people who are facing fraud charges such as identity fraud, securities fraud and other crimes — as well as those who are under investigation, but have never been actually charged.

Fraud Defense For White Collar Violations

Common types of fraud charges include:

  • Health care fraud, which could include intentional overbilling or misrepresentation
  • Tax fraud
  • Mail fraud
  • Mortgage fraud, in which someone leaves off or otherwise misrepresents details of their finances on a mortgage application
  • Securities fraud

Many of these types of fraud involve electronic communication — using computers or mobile phones, for example — and cross state lines. As a result, they may end up under federal, rather than state, jurisdiction. Our firm handles both federal and New York State cases, as our founding lawyer has extensive experience in both federal and state courts and appeals.

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