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White Collar Crimes Can Destroy Your Career

Your Freedom And Your Livelihood May Be At Risk

New York is the financial capital of the word. As such, there are many opportunities for financial crimes to be committed. Finding the proper white collar criminal defense team is critical for someone who has been charged with fraud, embezzlement or another offense related to the use of computers or other communications devices.

At our law firm, The Law Office of James M. Branden, our lawyers have been in practice for more than 25 years. We have an intimate knowledge of the criminal justice system and we leverage that in our dealings with prosecutors to work toward the best possible results for our clients.

Work With A Respected, Experienced New York Firm

Embezzlement defense can be complicated. Knowing that an attorney has a variety of experience in New York criminal cases can ease the mind of someone who has been criminally charged for some type of white collar crime.

White collar crimes that can result in severe punishment may include identity theft, embezzlement or fraud. Crimes related to the securities industry include insider trading and securities fraud.

Many financial crimes are subject to federal jurisdiction. Our firm has a fruitful relationship with the U.S. Attorney’s office here in New York, which often proves to be beneficial to our clients.

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