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Have You Been Arrested On Drug Crimes Charges?

Fight Back With An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

Like other states, New York has strict punishment for those convicted of drug crimes. While some arrests might lead only to misdemeanor drug charges, more serious allegations could involve drug trafficking charges. These could apply, for instance, when it is alleged that someone is importing drugs from a foreign country for distribution in the United States.

If you have been charged with a crime involving drugs, you need dependable, wise counsel from a veteran criminal defense attorney. At The Law Office of James M. Branden, we understand that you will have many questions and worries about your case. We will help guide you through each step of your case and work on your behalf throughout the legal process.

Regardless Of The Type Of Drug, We Can Work With You

Not all drug crimes are created equal. Drug possession involving a substance, such as marijuana, for example, is not treated the same as charges involving distribution.

Whether your crimes involve heroin, cocaine, crack, Ecstasy or any other type of drug, our lawyers can assist you.

Our legal team will research the circumstances of your case and your arrest, evaluating the conduct of the police or drug enforcement agents involved. Were officers entitled to perform a search? Were any of your assets wrongly seized? Were you treated fairly after your arrest?

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