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Standing By Our Clients At A Difficult Time

Being charged with a crime is a traumatic experience. From being arrested to the realization that substantial penalties, such as prison time, could be a consequence of a conviction, it is crucial to rely on an experienced criminal defense attorney who has advised hundreds of clients over the years.

Attorney James M. Branden takes a thoughtful, determined approach to the law. As a practicing lawyer for a quarter-century, he has handled a variety of cases at the federal and state levels in New York, and he has extensive experience with the appeals process — a key attribute for clients who are unsatisfied with the outcome of their original cases.

At The Law Office of James M. Branden, we have a healthy relationship with prosecuting attorneys, which often leads to more productive negotiations.

Rely On Our Experience With Criminal Defense

Our firm can help you by representing you in cases involving:

  • White collar crimes such as identity theft, embezzlement or insider trading
  • Fraud cases, including wire fraud, mail fraud, health care fraud or mortgage fraud
  • Drug charges, including trafficking and distribution
  • Violent crimes such as assault, attempted murder and gun crimes
  • Sex crimes, including rape and sexual assault

We also handle cases involving RICO, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, whether it is applied in a criminal or a civil context.

Many criminal cases include a charge of conspiracy alongside the substantive offense. This means that, in addition to being charged with committing robbery, you could be charged with conspiracy to commit robbery. This can add to the penalties you might face if you are convicted on both charges.

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