The Law Office of James M. Branden


James M. Branden is the only attorney at his law practice, The Law Office of James M. Branden in New York. This means that he handles all of his cases personally, unlike larger firms where work may be handed off to novice lawyers.

Just because he is a sole practitioner, however, that doesn’t mean Mr. Branden is limited in what he can do. His is a full-service practice focused on criminal defense. Mr. Branden brings in experts and professionals in the field to complement his work, making sure that clients receive the comprehensive defense that they deserve.

Mr. Branden has spent his entire 25-year legal career as a criminal defense attorney. After graduating from Columbia University in New York and Georgetown Law School in Washington, D.C., he was admitted to the bar in New York in 1990.

While he has always been a criminal defense lawyer, his path to get to where he is today is definitely unique. Instead of beginning as a trial lawyer and handling appeals later on, Mr. Branden began his career in state court appeals. Over time he added federal appeals to his skill set, as well as litigation.

This path has served him well and given him a solid foundation in the law, particularly as it applies to the appeals process. Mr. Branden also belongs to a roster of lawyers who are appointed by the court to defend individuals who cannot afford their own attorneys. This has given him additional insight into the justice system and intimate knowledge of the criminal defense process.

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